Three years ago, like anyone else, I started marketing in The Real Estate Book not knowing how much business I could expect for the money I would be paying out. What I have learned after 3 years, is my return on invesment is directly reflected by how I use my Real Estate Book tools in my business. For 2013 I kept track of what marketing programs I spent money on and exactly which ones worked for me. The Real Estate Book is right up there as one of the best decissions I made for my business. In 2013, I am happy to say that I received in commissions over $125,000 directly from my Real Estate Book ads! I received many Buyer calls but also I received a number of people calling to ask me to List their home. When I either Sold their home, helped a new Buyer purchase a home OR if I got a referral from another client that came from The Real Estate Book I kept track of my commissions. For 2014 I can tell that my numbers are going to be higher.

My business is not just in one county, Skagit, so I have added a 2nd page in another edition of The Real Estate Book to cover my business and Listings in Snohomish & Island Counties. I use The Real Estate Book like a big business card where I remind everyone they can always find me in the magazine. It is all about marketing my listings, finding new Buyers and keeping my name in front of the general public. The Real Estate Book does it all…Print, Online and now their new Mobile offerring.

I recommend to any agent who wants to build their business to invest in themselves and add The Real Estate Book to their Marketing program.

I have been marketing in THE REAL ESTATE BOOK for some years now. Over the years I have seen how many Agents use the magazine with their clients and I have seen the value of showcasing my Loan Officers and our Loan programs to the public.

Sharol Bjorgo,
Branch Manager

Eagle Home Mortgage

(425) 346-7485

My marketing program has always included exposure in local print and various Online websites. I know the advantage of getting my sellers properties in front of Buyers as quickly as possible. When I heard I could have my listings in print all over Whidbey Island and beyond the ferries into Skagit & Snohomish Counties, I was interested to know more about The Real Estate Book. Once I found out it also included a strong Online program with sites like BobVila.com; SympaticoMSN the # 1 Search Engine in Canada; NYTimes.com; and for my luxury listings websites like WallStreetJournal.com and UniqueHomes.com ………I decided to give them a try.

In just my 3rd issue and I signed closing papers wih a Buyer I got as a Direct Online Lead from their website www.RealEstateBook.com In fact, he was in Japan getting ready to relocate to Oak Harbor in the Navy. Being a nationally known magazine really works! I have included The Real Estate Book for over 3 years now in my Marketing program and I am happy to recommend it to any agent or office.

Terri Neilon, RE/MAX Acorn Properties, Oak Harbor

After completing my E-Pro course I understood the importance of adding Virtual Tours to my listings which would improve my marketing and Internet presence.

I was already happy with my advertising in THE REAL ESTATE BOOK but wanted to know more about their GOLD online program. Once I heard all the online benefits, I upgraded to their GOLD program and bought the new ‘One Click’ InView Virtual Tour Camera so I could do virtual tours on all my listing easily. Besides, all virtual tours are free anywhere with the GOLD online program.

That first night, at my Listing appointment, I went over my marketing program with THE REAL ESTATE BOOK. When I showed the potential sellers all the partner websites and the InView camera for adding a virtual tour of their home…..it sealed the deal!

The seller also told me I offered more in my complete marketing strategy for ED Finlan headshopselling their home then the other agent they had also interviewed. I left with the listing that very night.

ED FINLAN, Keller Williams Western Realty